Culture is the blueprint of immortality
The grey curtains of marriage,
The vibrant colors of puberty,
The sweetness of love,
The endless curiosity of history,
The fierceness of teenage rebellion,
And you drinking coffee on the morning of sobriety,
Eating marshmallows and doughnuts,
Saying AUM, singing come save me Jesus Christ

Smoking a long chillum at the edge of the world,
Wanting nothing but this adventure to end
Eating snow and wondering about Indian mythology,
Stealing philosophy from broken Greek souls,
Asking for mercy and intercession from Jewish prophets,
Telling your soul mate that she’s nothing but candy on ice
Culture is nothing but the blueprint of immortality

Telling men that your ways are the ways of magic,
Luring women into the bedchambers of your creative madness
Asking cousins and brothers to come look at you,
And understand the pillars of your elation
Bringing your parents to hate the poet in you,
And yet love you for the fact that you’ve moved on
Bringing that sweet damsel who turned your heart to cotton stone,
On winter’s night eating swan meat singing garden rhymes
To see the many dawns of your revolving vision
To kiss you like you were winter’s own very delight

You will not know, and you cannot see,
You eternal seeker of immortality
The mirrored dances of fate’s blasphemy,
That sing your song for eternity

The drainage of your corrupted soul,
That yearns and yearns for eternity
Will anyhow shake this whole galaxy
Culture’s fake blueprint of immortality

Image – A Lost Soul Trapped – Nichofsky