Darling, can you hear me?
You who hide behind
All those seedless dreams arranged,
In careful desperation
Tomorrow’s gone forever,
All we’ve got is a cold today
Beneath these grey clouds that whisper,
Little tales of tipsy tragedy
Darling, take your fancy robes off,
Unclothe yourself of perfection
Winter waits, like a starving wolf,
And I’m all the warmth you’ve got

There is no tomorrow coming,
With some gift you’ve worked your life for
No tremendous gain or profit,
From all this running away from time
Today’s just another whisper,
In this deadly dream of life,
But hey look, it’s all we’ve got,
And still we ache for more

Is there some secret to being human?
Some crazy twisted trick?
Cause a man’s got to wonder,
Why wine helps us feel alright

You’ve got the moistest eyes, sweet winter,
That are colder than the dawn of spring
That bring a sad heart to my knowing,
A sadness too great for me
Never learned too much in yearning,
Not much wisdom from delight
All I know, is what tragedy’s given me,
In the nights when we made love
Sweet sadness, I behold you,
Before the world that’s afraid to know you
They don’t see, the only wisdom,
Lies in the pillow of your knees
I fall before the endless want,
Of your childish breathing whims
Sweet sorrow, I am yours,
Before the winter says otherwise
Want no warmth, no blanket of memories,
To hide me from your arms
Take me, and break me, till I bleed,
Of diamonds and a frozen past

The bulbs of freedom shed no light,
Upon a scholar’s path
A man too brave for reason,
Dying between the changing seasons
Only the patient will dig into me,
The hungry will seek the light
Tear and eat into the flesh of my lies,
To find the emptiness inside
The rest, will float away,
Into the delirium of their daily lives,
And leave this poem drowning,
In the depth of a shallow mouse-click—
We are vases without water my love,
We are an endless poem, without a poet,
Such enchantment, you see?


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