So dreaming of flowers,
Most men want machines on this side
Torn between a soft dream,
And a pretty hefty ambition
We get lost in silly abstractions,
And drink wine for clarity
Smoking leaves through lives of melancholy,
And asking for more verbalisms

Every little fool who talks of the best,
Every piss off at evening who lies about the sunset
All words that come dancing,
Like simple sounds barked and meowed
Are nothing but themselves,
And mean nothing more,
Than the noise that they make

The clouds are the sticky notes of the ocean,
To remind itself that it can be many, yet one

Trying to be better while being only what you are,
You miser yourself and live with tea and books
Searching eternally for something non-existent,
You turn to kisses in sunshine for fulfillment
Seeking women and whisky in large clandestine palaces,
Seeking magic in lifeless dancefloor lighting

Every poem is a well-crafted lie,
Meaningless swimming in the darkness,
Of a soul lost in time
Where is time?

Every effort at midnight for romance,
Stings a dream and tears it to two
Angels at noon sweat out the truth,
There is no truth

Whiskey is the best friend of a word-constructer,
Everybody wants attention
Everybody wants to be loved
Everybody wants to smoke that cigarette in the twilight,
After making love to that perfect woman
On a cold winter night,
Beneath a thin moon,
In a cottage by a lake hidden from the sky by a forest
But everybody fails to understand,
That the lighter moments in living,
Come by themselves,
Unwanted and untouched
Everybody wants to be touched

Wanting flowers we sew new dreams,
And leave reality,
To bathe in the ignorance of our delights

Everybody wants to be loved,
And yet,
Love seems to elude us so easily,
Escaping eternally from our clutches,
Laughing like a little child,
At our complex matters,
Of sentiment, attachment, and emotion
Laughing like a child,
At our endless folly

All poems are lies sewed meaninglessly,
Like shooting stars rocketing toward nowhere
Yet shining with hope,
Bright, intelligently
Yet, heading nowhere


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