Truth is so vast and endless that it can neither be told nor written. Sometimes though, we all are so full of ecstasy and expression that we need to burst out on paper or conversation.

The Satori Times is a universal column that is intended toward nothing. Poetry, love, and a romantic perspective toward life is the theme of this little column of nonchalant expression.

If ever man needs to find a sort of fulfillment in writing, he needs to write without the shackles of lingual law, moral limitation, and the ever-enslaving need for the approval of his readers. Here in the satori times, you will find nothing but the delicate congruence of the synchronous universe pouring out its feathered nectar of unselfish ecstasy and limitless curiosity.

This blog is for dancers and dreamers, who dare to cross the perfect world of intellectual understanding into a realm of romantic simplicity, yearning for raw honesty instead of decorated meaning.

Come, if we forget what we have been, and hope not much for the colorful offerings of tomorrow, together we might stumble upon something that is marvelous, something that we have never imagined, and who knows, perhaps something that has been waiting for us for a very long time.

I invite you to drop the robes of knowledge that clothe you and dive into this cold yet soothing pool of life that lies here before our senses, and to swim with me, for no reason at all.

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